How do new browser releases affect your website?

From time to time, Microsoft, Mozilla, Google and other browser vendors release new versions of their products, which may or may not include new standards for displaying HTML / CSS (the backend code of websites).

When this happens, we can certainly work with you to perform upgrades to your site design to meet the new browser standard(s) ... Contact our design department to schedule a consultation. We will review your website and get you an estimate of time and cost involved.

This is not due to anything with the current version of the site being "broken," simply time for an upgrade to make the old site work with new browsers being released. It might also be a good time to review the current design and think about anything you'd like to change going forward, such as incorporating social networking.

*IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) was released to the public on March 14, 2011. Most people who use IE are still using version 8.0 or earlier, so now is a good time to make these updates to your site.


Call (540) 206-3311 to request a review of your website and a design upgrade quote today. Team

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