5/31/2012 Ignite Changelog

Shortly after midnight on 5/31/2012, the AuctionServices.com Team pushed some changes and updates to the Ignite to the production servers.

  • Re-designed the main login page to highlight logging into Ignite vs. creating a new account.
  • Removed the GetSatisfaction.com "Feedback" tab from the left side of the screen due to lack of use / interest.
  • Updated the embedded HTML editor to the latest version to fix two problems
    1. Internet Explorer 9 users were unable to edit HTML fields.
    2. Firefox users were unable to edit the Directions field without first resizing the Directions HTML editor
  • Removed the Welcome / FAQ link from the user dashboard as the information was no longer applicable.
  • Modified the "help" link at the bottom of the page to open the AuctionServices.com Help Desk ticket creation window.
  • Removed the Internet Explorer 9 popup warning.

If you continue to have any problems in the Ignite admin, please file tickets with our helpdesk as needed.
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    We received a ticket earlier this morning about copying and pasting from Microsoft Word. The new version of the editor should automatically clean up paste content from Microsoft Word, so the "Paste from Word" button will be removed from the editor toolbar(s) in the near future.

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